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Are you a programmer or a software developer?

Don’t get confused (Unless you can prove me wrong). Let me guess you thought the are the same right? Oh, you think you’re a software developer because you know how to program. Hell no! 

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School life isn’t easy, now am finally done with it. Time to see how the real world looks like with my skills.

I had some rough time, remembering how C was and how ah played with its “i++”. Moved over to javac, studied C# and ah fell in love with Dot.NET. So cool.

My last weeks, specifically on the day of my project defending, our MD invited a few final year student from University Of Uyo to join and watch us (Don’t know the name given to that stuff. Have never been in an University before) and blah blah blah. 

After presenting my project, someone decided to kill me by asking the question above. Mheen! he actually killed me. What did he mean by asking If am a programmer or Software Developer. Who the heck is he! Does he know half of what my brains are carrying? 

Forget my story, let’s analyse. 

Who is a programmer?
Wiki answers: The term computer programmer can refer to a specialist in one area of computer programming or to a generalist who writes code for many kinds of software.

Who is a software developer?
Wiki still answers: A software developer is a person concerned with facets of the software development process, including the research, design, programming, and testing of computer software.

Now, it’s starting to get confusing. Give me a minute laugh out loud… Am done. 

Now, in the definition of a Programmer, the word software is mentioned. Same with that of a Software Developer Programming is mentioned. Now that is the difference between this two people?

It starts small
Actually, according to careervillage “This question can definitely be answered multiple ways depending on who you ask… Software Engineer, Software Developer, Computer Programmer, Software Architect are all interchangeable depending on the company or the person”. They further adds, “If a company calls their developers Software Engineers, they’ll use terms like ‘Software Engineer 2,’ ‘Lead Software Engineer,’ ‘Principal Software Engineer’ to distinguish employees by rank instead of having another ‘Computer Programmer’ role. At the core though, whether you are a computer programmer or software engineer you will apply to and get the same jobs, so there is no real difference!”

Okay, you’re starting to get better but often the terms are used interchangeably, but the US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook has specific descriptions for both. In the OOH Software Engineer is referred to as a “Software Developer”. Often when people say “Computer programmer” they really mean “Software Developer”.
The difference comes down to, Computer Programmers write code to a Software Developers specification. Software Developer / Engineer also write code, but they also responsible for software requirements + design, release and deployment processes. Hope this isn’t what you were thinking when you saw this topic. If it’s so, you’re lying. 

The bigger, the better
Software developer, software engineer and programmer basically mean all the same thing.

“Programmer” is an old term and typically refers to somebody who’s simply told what to do and programs it (ie. somebody not very experienced), while software developer/engineer might be somebody who’s doing higher-level work, but that’s not a universally true distinction.

At the end, it’s all comes down to your company thinking and you. Are you a programmer or a software developer? There are many ways to answer the question but it’s all comes down to one. Let’s call it a Boolean. It’s either you’re a Programmer or a Software Developer. You can’t be both in the real world (But you can be both on facebook. No offense taken please.)

Okay, back to my story, I took that guys phone number after my presentation and have promised to teach him a lesson for disgracing me in public. 

Oh, you wanna know if ah answered his question? Sorry.

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