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Hello, again this is a common problem but i didn’t seem to care till it happened to me this morning. Remember i told you i couldn’t turn on my mobile hot-spot and Bluetooth? Well i fixed my problem by resetting my phone. Now, here comes another problem. After fixing, Google Playstore became stubborn and refused to download any apps over Mobile Data. 

Now, many of you have experience this problem or are yet to experience this. Here is what i did to fix the annoying problem. I forgot to take screenshots of all steps. But I’ll to guide you. 


  1.  Open Google Play store. Yes, we start from here. The problem was Google Play Store not downloading apps, and wasn’t not opening. For, open play store and search Version For Playstore. What you see is what you get right? Yeah. Download it. 
  2. Now, you’re wondering what my problem is. My freaking phone isn’t downloading via mobile data and you’re asking me to download this app? c’mon. Ouch! Well, there’s a method i used to download now, follow up in step 3.
  3. Download the app. You’ll notice it will start downloading. After moving to some extent, it will frezz like forever. Now, turn off your mobile data from the notification tray and immediately turn it back on. The downloading process will resume. Repeat this step untill you successfully download this little app. Enjoyed the trick right? Yeahhh! 
  4. Next, let’s open the app and it welcomes you to a cool interface. Oh, am using an Android 6.0 – Marshmallow and my current playstore version was Store 7.9.52 before. So, you’ll see basically different thing there depending on your phone made. 
  5. Let’s explain the interface a little, at the top right is where all magic will be performed. The 1st android-like icon shows all current version of android. The second is were we will use to uodate playstore. The 3rd? You know that. 
  6. Now, let’s tap the second icon, the one that looks like a download button. Done? Cool. You’ll see this It basically explains itself. So, we proceed by tapping on the first button, Download. 
  7. It will take us to a website powered by apkMirror. 
  8. What we need to do now is to scroll down and find where it says “All Versions” Now, we can proceed to view the info of that version and download. So, tap on the download button. Remember to take the 1st one on the list, because it’s the most recent version. 
  9. The next page will show you the version, with details and download links So, again scroll down and locate the version ID link Tapping on it will take you to the download button.  There. The big blue download button is all yours to tap. 

  10. After the download process, Kindly proceed with the installation 
  11. When that’s done, you’ll notice changes on play store starting with the icon to other stuffs in the app. 
  12. Now, go ahead with downloading and updating of your apps. Unfortunately there are no screenshots for that because that will be lots of it. 
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So, incase you’re wondering why my Bluetooth was on during the process. Ok, am not turning it off ever again. 😀 

Enjoy this article? Worked for you? Didn’t? Shrw with me below let’s get new ways to fix stuffs. 

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