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Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot turns off automatically – Solutions 

So, it was my turn to face the problem. Am using an Infinix Hot 4 and yesterday my phone developed the annoying problem of hot-spot not staying on when it’s turn on. 

Screenshot 20170617 071537 - Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot turns off automatically - Solutions 

Screenshot 20170617 071545 - Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot turns off automatically - Solutions The stuff is dam annoying as you see. I turned on the hot-spot and after 15 seconds, it automatically went off. 

So, was thinking what the problem could be. An app? Settings? Trust me I did everything and it didn’t work. 

Now, am at google searching and below are some results I got from various users. Hopefully, one of this will fix the problem. 

  1. Go to settings/more/mobile sharing/portable wifi hotspot den press d 3 dots to go to advance setting in advanced settings there is a power option click that and select never.
  2. Try this guys “settings>apps> reset app preferences”
  3. Hello. I had the same issue in Android 7 and the issue was the Google now launcher. Uninstall it and back to hot spotting.
  4. Go to Wireless and network -> More settings… -> Tethering and portable hotspot -> Portable WiFi hotspot. Once there, you’ll have to press the Menu button (bottom left of your phone) and up pops Timeout settings!
  5.  I turn off the security(pattern lock/password etc.) when I use wifi-hotspot and it works fine. For all the android mobile it should work I think: Go to “Settings” -> “Security” -> “Screen Lock” (you may have to enter existing pattern or password for the lock) and set security to “None”.
  6. Also set the sleep duration to a low number such as 2 minutes or 15 seconds etc. To change the sleep duration go to “Settings” -> “Display” -> “Sleep”.

  7. The fix is simple: Got to the setting in your device that is called: “Data enabled (Enable data access over Mobile network)” UN-check it OFF, wait about 30 seconds, then RE-check it ON.
  8. There is also another possibility I installed a program named Du Speed Buster and it turn off hotspot in order to boost the system speed I had to unmark that to solve the problem check all of your programs, because it can be some program like it.

OK, we have 8 solutions. Did it work for me? Hell No. At the end I reset my phone and everything was gone. 

Hopefully, you won’t have to do same. So, share below what worked for you. Probably, you’ll save someones phone. 

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