Top Secret Of Getting Approve From Google Adsense

Google adsense 300x49 - Top Secret Of Getting Approve From Google AdsenseToday am going to drop a secret for quick approval from Google Adsense

I know you have been applying for Google Adsense and they keep disapproving you.
I know you feel you have set up every to standard and that you are eligible to apply and get approve but you may have been missing this two (2) important things:-
1) Poor Design

2) Stolen Image Links

1) Poor Design: How do you think Adsense will Approve you when you website is badly designed ??
You have to fix this first because your design matters alot and No user will ever visit your blog if you don’t have a good design and Adsense can never approve you since the know too well that no user will visit your blog so as to see the Ads the place on It.

So you need to work towards your design before applying if not, you will get disapprove.

2) Stolen Image Links: Google Adsense hate publishers that copy and paste other people’s post.
How do you think that Adsense will Approve you when you are stealing other people’s Image,.

So, for you to get approve by Google Adsense you must make sure that all your post images are generated from your own site..

After doing the about explained, you are on the right track of getting approve.

Hope this articles is helpful . . .Like and share.

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