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Wapka.Mobi – The greatest Wap builder ever

Wapka mobi - Wapka.Mobi - The greatest Wap builder ever

Introduction Yes, it’s a url and am pretty sure you’ve come across it before when browsing through Google. Ever wonder what’s the meaning of Wapka? It’s functions and so and so? Well, most answers will be revealed. Follow along.

What is wapka? Simply put, wapka is a platform will helps people to build websites and blogs for people to use.Simple definition but it’s time to dig in more. Wapka not only helps you to build your very own website but gives you the privilege of styling it the way you want. This option enables very one desiring to have a website to build their site and put it online for all to see. Usually, we call them ‘wapmasters’.

Why wapka Wapka is easy to understand, for beginners who are learning or who is eager to have a website. Wapka gives it’s user privilege for them to use an already made template, or build on their own from strach.Wapka, is user friendly and very responsive for wapmasters who want to make a name with their website. With the combination of different web languages, html, xml, css, javascript, ajax and much more you can create a perfect website using a free tool, wapka

Things you didn’t know about wapka Wapka as a popular web builder has many secrets, much of which it’s users are not aware of. Well, after much research, we bring some list of them.

  1. • Wapka is so popular today because it offers free services to their users. 
  2. • Wapka was first introduced to the cyber world around 2008, and has since then grown bigger as they held a major contract which role was to advertise and became partners with UC browser.
  3. • Wapka was founded by Martinin 2008, who chooses to be anonymous, with help and support from other webmasters who made wapka what it is today.
  4. • Wapka runs under one of the best hosts in the world. 
  5. • Wapka Webmasters are mostly from India, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Indonesia. 
  6. • Wapka looks more like a non-profit organisation but that’s false because wapka also sells ad spaces which is a very big “how to earn” to them. 
  7. • Wapka builder has more advanced features than some other website builders and has more web users and traffic generating from hosted sites. 
  8. • Wapka supports HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and PERL which makes it a reliable and a functional web builder. 
  9. • When you start a wapka website as a newbie, it can get really confusing but ready-made functions makes coding easier and better for you. 
  10. • Wapka helps newbie webmasters immensely, it helps to build the required knowledge of coding for a webmaster, although wapka it is likely referred to as Wapmaster by wapkans.
  11. • Wapka has a developer forum where other webmasters can ask questions, get help from other wapka masters and request for new features. 
  12. • Wapka supports an unlimited CMS (content management system) you can actually upload with no diskspace limit, this is one of the great advantages of wapka, you do not have to worry about managing your website files as the memory space is unlimited. 
  13. • Wapka also does not allow sites hosting porn content or other adult related contents to use their builder as it is clearly stated at their TOS that such sites will be banned without warning. 
  14. • Wapka will be advancing every year, as they have this culture of adding new features. 
  15. • Wapka primary donain was ‘.mobi’ however there was a need to add more domain names like ‘.me’, ‘.com’ attached to ‘wapka.’
  16. • Wapka longest blackout was when it was down for maintenance in May 8 – June 16 2013. 
  17. • Wapka owners included WhoisGuard Protected in 2013 and u c later that year.
  18. • As of writing this post, Wapka is 9 years old 
  19. • Wapka was brought online on February 01, 2008 

There. That’s basically much intellectual we have from one of the best wap builder and helper of all time. Give it a try, and they never will fail you. Ever.

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  1. You’re right bro…WAPKA is a good place to start learning how to apply basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Perl.
    I started my web design journey in WAPKA about 2 years ago.

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