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What To Expect From HTML6? 

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When most Web developers and designers are still implementing HTML5 standards, efforts are already being made for development of the next version of the Web Markup Language, HTML6. I was curious to know what will be served to developers in forthcoming years in the form of HTML6. Here is what I found during my research. 

The first and foremost feature I admired most is sponsored tags. The sponsored tags allow companies or individuals to sponsor some tags with their names or brands. This is done to overcome the budget shortage. These sponsored tags can be purchase for TIER 1, TIER 2, and TIER 3. TIER 1 is TIN and costs about $250,000 USD, TIER 2 is ALUMINIUM and costs $1,500,000 USD, and TIER 3 is DIAMOND and the costs starts from $20,000,000 USD. 

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It is planned to introduce new tags to wrap contents such as <calendar> which can wrap <day>, <month>, and <year>. Instead of writing separate tags for <img>, <video>, and <audio>, how nice it will be if we have just one tag such as <media type=’video’ source=”abc.avi”> and let the browser do the rest of the rendering? 

New HTML APIs are on the way that will give us more tags with great functionalities.  

The syntax will change as follows which will help in identifying the data for JavaScript, CSS, and RSS Feeds. This will also make the document more readable.  

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<!DOCTYPE html> 
    <html:title>HTML6 Spec Version 0.1</html:title> 
    <html:link src=”js/main.js” title=”Main Script” type=”text/javascript”> 

Forms will be enhanced with Sliders, Color pickers, Date and Time pickers, Progress bars, and much more features. Some of the new tags such as <autocomplete>, <pattern>, <spellcheck>, and <match> will be introduced giving more meaning as well as rich computing features. 

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There are many more features that are expected to be introduced in the form of HTML6. HTML 6 is still an idea; more suggestions are being invited. Every possible requirement and demand of designers and developers will be implemented and the developer community hopes to get these ideas converted into reality. 

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