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Hello Guys.. This is my First Tutorial in PlazaNG on Java programming

If You Want To Start Java Programming Then At First You Need To Download Netbeans Or Eclipse IDE

Go To

Download Netbeans IDE

From Here Download Netbeans.  Download Java SE for Standard Edition Or If You Want To Work With All Platforms  Download All

After Download Install Netbeans IDE

Now Go To File>>New Project>>Java>>Java Application

Now Give Your Project Name. I am Showing You a Simple Calculator. This is Very Beginning And It will Work in Java Console. It is Not A Graphical Software so it has no UI yet. Later I Will Show You steps in making Java Desktop And Mobile Software.

So Project Name it as Calculator. Click Next. A White Window Will be Opned. Remove All Code And Paste This Code

Now  Go to Run And Click Run File. In Below Output Console Your Program Will be Started To Run. Give Two Number. Then Give Operator And You Will Show Your Calculated Output.

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